Zeha H

Is a multidisciplinary artist based in +65.

Zeha (b. 2000) is a multi-disciplinary artist. They go by the pronouns they/them. Zeha’s works focus on reimagining the pasts and humans of the now. Their performances centre around the relationships between queerness, ethnicity, famil(y)iarity and reconciliation.

They are drawn to the ocean even though they can’t swim to save their life and find solace in the odd hours.


Performance Art



Bujang *Apok 3.0 with Atiq Lukman and Norah Lea for MAT

Queer Central @ Skrrrt Central

Blue Edition (contemplation/reclamation) with Chand Chandramohan, Div, ila and Norah Lea

Siapa Nama Kamu? for Matter of Absence @ ADM Grad Show 2019

contemplation/reclamation: Jiwa for A State of Affairs (Or The Way Things Are)


Bujang *Apok with Atiq Lukman & Norah Lea for Diva Agar's Soul Lounge @soft/WALL/studs

Noor Iskandar's For[God] book launch

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The Hibiscus: Spa & Wellness with Diva Agar and Alysha Rahmat Shah

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